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What is XLV: LaunchVerse, a crypto platform that focuses on upcoming projects in the market and evaluates the performance of other Launchpads' IDOs. LaunchVerse, powered by XLV, offers unique earning opportunities and services to its users, making it a versatile platform for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts.
LaunchVerse's main focus is to generate passive income for XLV holders through outsourcing, utilizing trading and SeedPad initiatives.
1. Manage your investment
2. Earn extra
3. Have privileges on IDOs
Be the first to know about the latest market offerings, compare platforms to find your best fit, and effortlessly track your investments and earnings using the LV Track Tool. Regardless of the IDO platform you choose, LaunchVerse ensures you stay informed and manage your investments in the easiest and most efficient way possible.
Holding XLV provides additional benefits, including USDT, NFTs, and IDO tokens from various platforms through redistribution. Staking and loyalty earnings serve as secondary options for generating income.
Increase your participation rate in IDOs launched on LaunchVerse without the need for mandatory KYC or personal information. Don't miss out on any opportunities in the market.

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