LaunchVerse Overview

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What is XLV: LaunchVerse is a crypto IDO platform focussing on upcoming projects in the market and other Launchpads’ performances over the IDOs launched on their platforms. Powered by XLV. Providing unique earning ways and services.
1. Manage your investment
2. Earn extra
3. Have privileges on IDOs
Be the first to know about what’s new coming to the market, compare and decide which platform suits you more and check your investments & earnings the easiest and the most proper way by LV Track Tool no matter which IDO Platform you set your investment at.
Holding XLV brings you extra XLV + NFT + IDO tokens from other IDO Platforms as redistribution. Staking (coming soon) and Loyalty earnings are the secondary earning options for you.
Get more participation rate for the IDOs launching on LaunchVerse without KYC or any other personal information obligatory. Do not miss any opportunity in the market.

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