IDO Shareholding

IDO shareholding is the method of redistribution. It provides XLV holders the opportunity to own IDO tokens launching in different IDO platforms without any additional payment or individual participation. Once the investor holds enough tokens - starting from 1 million XLV - to be able to have the premium access, then the IDO tokens bought will be distributed to all holders by considering their holding amount and additional rate increasing methods such as staking or NFT owning as well. In this way small amounts are getting collected to generate enough funds to get guaranteed tiers in various IDO platforms and redistribute the IDO tokens bought to holders in order to increase the earning from reflections by the high ROI performing IDOs.
LaunchVerse is aiming to be able to participate the IDOs which normally requires a big amount of funds to be staked without asking any additional money from the holders participate each IDO on biggest Launchpads & multiply the funds and redistribute to holders in terms of many different promising tokens.
With LaunchVerse, the holders only by owning XLV will be able to get advantage of the biggest Launchpads in crypto.