IDO Shareholding

IDO Shareholding is a unique method of redistribution that offers XLV holders the opportunity to acquire IDO tokens from various IDO platforms without any additional payment or individual participation. To gain premium access, investors need to be minimum at Alpha Tier. Once this requirement is met, the purchased IDO tokens are distributed to all holders based on their holdings, taking into account additional rate-increasing methods such as staking or NFT ownership.

This approach allows even small amounts to be collected, generating sufficient funds to secure guaranteed tiers in different IDO platforms. The acquired IDO tokens are then redistributed to holders, maximizing earnings through reflections from high Return on Investment (ROI) performing IDOs.

LaunchVerse aims to participate in IDOs on major Launchpads, which typically require substantial staked funds, without requesting any additional money from its holders. Instead, funds are multiplied and redistributed to holders in the form of various promising tokens. By owning XLV, holders can effortlessly benefit from the most significant Launchpads in the cryptocurrency space.

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