Premium (NFT)

LaunchVerse creates its own NFT collections to redistribute to holders time by time. And these NFTs will bring holders additional privilege and right.

LaunchVerse will be periodically rewarding NFT to holders (Alpha tier and above), on its own website at a certain time with a first come first serve “Reserving system”. Holders who match the requirements will be able to reserve any NFT on the collection without any payment when the Countdown on the website is over. All you should do is to log in to system by entering your wallet (not connecting) if you match the requirements, you are ready to pick your NFT from the collection. Make sure you are fast to be the one reserving first.

Holders who have enough XLV to any door to private services can either sell their NFT or gift it to their friends them to be able to get advantage of Premium Services. Or else they can use the NFT to multiply their passive earnings and IDO participation rights.

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