Funding Scenarios

LaunchVerse has made the strategic decision to enter the market to secure funding for the development process, aiming to become the leading investor-focused IDO guiding platform.

As a team at LaunchVerse, we are committed to revolutionizing the market by simplifying data and information about participating in IDOs across various platforms. Our goal is to provide concise, straightforward explanations, enabling everyone to access the best market opportunities. Additionally, we take pride in being pioneers—rewarding investors with both NFTs and IDO tokens, a first in the cryptocurrency sphere. When you join LaunchVerse and hold XLV, you're not just part of our platform; you're connected to a multitude of other IDO platforms, making you a part of almost every significant opportunity. Taha Founder, LaunchVerse

LaunchVerse collaborates with artists to create exclusive NFTs, distributing them to XLV holders. Simultaneously, we invest in top-rated IDO platforms, distributing the highest ROI-rated IDO tokens to XLV holders. This strategy aims to maximize investor earnings through redistribution.

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