Funding Scenarios

Launchverse decides to go into market to fund the development process of the system to be the biggest investor prizing IDO guiding Platform.
We as a team of LaunchVerse would like to create a difference in the market on presenting data & information about how to participate in IDOs in any platform and making comparison on which platform is more suitable for individuals by keeping the explanation in one form - short and simple - in order to provide everyone with the best opportunities of the market. And also, being the first cryptocurrency rewarding investors with NFTs & IDO tokens as they have already participated in many other IDO platforms. Essentially, being a part of LaunchVerse and owning XLV means being part of numerous other IDO platforms as well. Accordingly being part of almost everything.
The Founder
Distributing NFTs created special for LaunchVerse by the artists in cooperation and investing on currently best rating IDO platforms and distribute the highest ROI rated IDO tokens to XLV holders in order to maximize the earnings of investors from redistribution.