Loyalty Rewards with NFTs:

LaunchVerse values its community and recognizes the loyalty of its holders. As a token of appreciation, the project offers exclusive loyalty rewards in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) over time. These unique digital assets represent a tangible token of gratitude for the continued support and dedication of our community members.

How Loyalty Rewards Work:

  • Long-Term Holder Benefits: Holders who demonstrate long-term commitment and loyalty to LaunchVerse are eligible to receive special NFTs as loyalty rewards.

  • Exclusive NFT Collections: LaunchVerse periodically releases limited edition NFT collections exclusively for loyal holders. These NFTs can vary from digital artwork to in-game assets, creating a diverse and valuable collection for our community.

  • Participation Criteria: To qualify for loyalty rewards, holders are typically required to maintain a minimum token balance over a specified period. The exact criteria and distribution details are communicated transparently to the community in advance of each reward distribution event.

  • Redeemable Benefits: NFTs obtained as loyalty rewards confer various benefits, including the right to an additional percentage on holders' passive incomes. Holders with these NFTs enjoy an enhanced passive income rate, increasing their earnings within the LaunchVerse ecosystem.

By offering NFTs as loyalty rewards with the added benefit of additional percentages on passive incomes, LaunchVerse aims to strengthen the bond with its community, recognizing the ongoing support of its holders and enhancing the value proposition for long-term engagement with the project. Stay tuned for announcements and updates regarding upcoming NFT loyalty reward events!

"How can one obtain the rewards?"

  • Quarterly Review of Loyalty Rewards: LaunchVerse conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the loyalty rewards program every three months to maintain fairness and transparency within the community.

  • No Staking Obligation, Holding Suffices: Participants are not compelled to stake their tokens; eligibility for loyalty rewards is contingent solely upon holding the specified token balance.

  • Staking Does Not Impact Reward Eligibility: It's important to emphasize that engaging in staking activities does not diminish the entitlement to receive a loyalty reward. Holders can stake their tokens without jeopardizing their eligibility for these valuable benefits, ensuring flexibility and choice for our community members.

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