In LaunchVerse's core plan, there are two main components:


SeedPad offers two distinct utilities on its own.

  • IDO Shareholding: Managed by the project team, IDO Shareholding generates profits, which are then allocated to XLV holders, offering them a passive income stream.

  • Seed Sales: XLV holders enjoy exclusive access to upcoming project tokens at the earliest time and the best prices, ensuring the safety of their investments.


Trading provides three unique utilities on its own.

  • LaunchVerse Trading: Executed by a skilled team using Investment wallet funds, LaunchVerse Trading generates profits for XLV holders, allowing them to enjoy passive income without any personal investment.

  • Individual Trading Access: Access signals and participate in investment wallet funds with personal funds, creating individual passive income opportunities.

  • B2B Access: Gain private access to professional 3rd party futures trading bots, enabling the generation of passive income on an individual basis. Join LaunchVerse and explore these exciting opportunities for financial growth!

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