In Crypto world, trading has become for most of the investors as early comers earn more situation. There has been many Launchpads revealing for providing investors special presale opportunities in order them to be early buyers of the projects and also there is a security against rug pull built inside the Launchpads. Many investors are tired of rugs and losses so that many of them who can afford Launchpads’ costs started to prefer to invest in IDOs rather than buying already launched tokens. And many of the investors mostly can’t afford such expenses required for participating an IDO. Most famous launchpads require extreme amount of purchasing and staking to be able to buy from their launching IDOs. Some comes together for a tier raising and who doesn't have such person around can’t get involved in such opportunity.
Another problem Launchpad investors facing is that the difficulty of tracking the upcoming IDOs, events, news, statistics, losses, earnings, comparisons between the launchpads etc. and even how to attend the new launchpad when it comes to requirements there are many differences between the launchpads. To track all these from many different websites and many different social media groups are creating a lot of difficulties for the investors
LaunchVerse brings a solution to this with a great vision by creating funds to buy high tiers in famous Launchpads & participate the IDOs and redistributing the IDO tokens bought to XLV holders, serving an opportunity of being a partner with secure project without paying any cent but only holding enough XLV in bag.
LaunchVerse calls this process as IDO shareholding. Not only this but also NFT redistribution is another unique thing that XLV does. Bringing a new breath to the market.
LaunchVerse also brings a solution to tracking problem by providing all the launchpads statistics, upcoming and past IDOs, events, news, losses & earnings of a wallet etc. It’s a Launchpad that also gives service as “Launchpad Guide”.
Key words: IDO shareholding, NFT redistribution. Tracking the market, Launchpad Guide
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