Seed Pad

Crypto launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, serve as platforms that enable blockchain-based projects to secure funding while granting early-stage token sale access to their pool of investors. Gaining entry to these early-stage sales offers investors the advantage of acquiring tokens at a reduced price before the public market launch, providing a secure investment opportunity for both parties involved. Additionally, due to the low (or negligible) cost associated with launching on a crypto launchpad, an increasing number of projects are turning to these platforms for their fundraising needs.

In alignment with its objective to provide comprehensive statistics for various launchpads and guidance on participating in upcoming IDOs, LaunchVerse is set to launch its own Launchpad named SeedPad. The platform plans to host its initial series of IDOs within Q1 2023. Investors who maintain a minimum holding of 1 million XLV tokens for at least one month will be eligible to participate in the IDOs launching on LaunchVerse in the subsequent month. Investors with holdings exceeding multiples of 1 million XLV will enjoy enhanced participation rights in these offerings.

Note: Staking is not mandatory for the Launchpad access. Only holding!!

Additionally, LaunchVerse is set to focus on PinkSale as part of its strategic partnerships, aiming to raise funds for projects launching presales on PinkSale in collaboration with verified incubators. This initiative demonstrates LaunchVerse's commitment to fostering cooperation within the crypto community, providing valuable support to innovative projects seeking to launch their presales on the PinkSale platform. Through this partnership, LaunchVerse aims to create a secure and conducive environment for fundraising, ensuring the success of upcoming blockchain-based ventures. Furthermore, this collaboration is expected to yield three significant advantages for XLV holders:

  1. Access to Preferential Pricing: XLV holders will gain the privilege of acquiring tokens at a more affordable rate than the presale prices, allowing them to make advantageous investments.

  2. Enhanced Fund Security: With LaunchVerse serving as a secure bridge, investors can trust in the safety of their funds. LaunchVerse acts as a reliable intermediary, providing an added layer of security for the investments made through this partnership.

  3. Rapid Additional Profits from Trustworthy Projects: XLV holders stand to earn additional profits swiftly through investments in dependable projects. By participating in verified presales facilitated by LaunchVerse and PinkSale, investors can expect reliable and expedited earnings from promising ventures.

These benefits not only bolster the value proposition for XLV holders but also underscore LaunchVerse's commitment to providing them with rewarding and secure investment opportunities.

Tiers & Allocation


5,000 XLV

  • Participation to the Seed Sales with a ratio of 2/10


10,000 XLV

  • Participation to the Seed Sales with a ratio of 3/10

  • Usdt Share as Passive Income from the Investment Wallet operations


15,000 XLV + Platınum NFT

  • Participation to the Seed Sales with a ratio of 5/10

  • Usdt Share as Passive Income from the Investment Wallet operations

  • Individual Participation to Investment opportunities

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