Premium Earning Access

NFT rewarded to holders will turn into extra rights on earnings.

Special APY Rates for Staking & Farming

Owning an NFT will increase the APY of Staking by 10% for the owner. For example, if the regular APY for a specific pool by LaunchVerse is 45%, NFT owners can enjoy a higher rate of 49.5% APY. Having additional NFTs further increases the APY by 10%. In the case of owning 2 NFTs, the investor's APY in the given example would be 54.45%. This incentivizes NFT ownership, offering investors enhanced returns on their staked assets.

IDO Participation Share Increasing

For NFT owners already holding upper tiers, each NFT they own results in an additional 10% increase in their buy limit.

For example, if an Alpha Tier holder, with the help of their NFT, can normally buy into an IDO at 180 BUSD, owning the NFT grants them a 10% increase, allowing them to buy the same IDO at 198 BUSD. Each additional NFT owned adds a cumulative 10% increase to the investor's limit. Thus, if the investor owns 2 NFTs, their buy limit would be 217.8 BUSD (198 + 10% increase). This system rewards NFT ownership by providing investors with greater opportunities and flexibility in their investments.

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