LaunchVerse (powered by XLV) crypto's first project which gives IDO (from the top Launchpads) tokens ‘IDO Shareholding’ and NFT to holders as redistribution beside XLV redistribution. And in addition to LaunchVerse having its own Launchpad it also is the first crypto platform providing all Launchpads statistics, upcoming IDOs and events.
LaunchVerse redistribution system is made up of 3 different rewarding
IDO Shareholding
Min 1m XLV holding for a month
Native Token XLV
Every holder
Min 1m XLV holding for a month
The first Launchpad acting also as IDO platform Guide in order to provide all data and info in one platform in a shape of short and simple. Besides, creating easy opportunities for everyone to be able to participate in IDOs
Good to know: #XLV Redistribution will be held with 0.5% tax after 1 week of holding.