Crypto launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their group of investors. Getting access to early-stage sales means a bargain price for the investors before the public launch on the market and a security for both sides. Also, because the cost of launching in a crypto launchpad is low (or insignificant), increasingly more projects are heading towards launchpads for fundraising.
LaunchVerse beside its goal to provide all other Launchpads statistics & how to participate the upcoming IDOs etc. will launch its own Launchpad under the name of SeedPad and will be launching its first several IDOs within the Q1 2023. Investors who hold 1m XLV minimum a month long will be able to participate the IDOs launching on LaunchVerse in the next month. Investors holding multiples of 1m XLV will have more rights of participation.
Note: Staking is not mandatory for the Launchpad access. Only holding!!
Tiers & Allocation
#Tier 1
1,000,000 XLV - Pool Weight 20
#Tier 2
1,500,000 XLV - Pool Weight 35
#Tier 3
2,000,000 XLV - Pool Weight 50
#Tier 4
4,000,000 XLV - Pool Weight 120
#Tier 5
8,000,000 XLV - Pool Weight 260
#Tier 6
10,000,000 XLV + Platinum NFT - Pool Weight 515